Miss. K | Oklahoma City Boudoir Studio

"You won't be able to shut up about your pictures after! Trust me!"

1. What made you choose Southern Belles Boudoir? I think what made me choose SBB was the already great reviews you guys had, you weren’t ridiculously priced, and because you guys are in a home. It instantly made me more comfortable to know I wouldn’t be driving to some scary building in downtown OKC but a home in an area I was familiar with! I joined your VIP group when looking around and could tell you guys were loved and so fun to be around!


2. What were you nervous about coming into your session? Of course being somewhat naked in front of strangers but honestly I was so scared I wouldn’t look sexy and you guys would laugh at me. I know, how ridiculous of me! Also that I would hate the outcome. Not because of y’alls work but because of my inability to be sexy and love myself in pictures.

3. How do you feel now that your session is complete? I cannot wait to show my fiancé! I have the lowest self esteem possible but the pictures made me feel empowered, beautiful, and sexy! I can’t shut up about them. I never thought I could see myself in that light.


4. What was your 3 favorite things about your Southern Belles Experience? I was so comfortable, you guys were so fun to work with, and of course the pictures!


5. What would you say to a fellow badass lady who is a little nervous about booking a boudoir session? Do it, honestly. You won’t regret. You’re already thinking about it if you’re on this website so just take the leap! Rachel and Ashley are so fun to work with and the pictures will absolutely exceed your expectations! 


Rachel and Ashley are so much fun to work with! If you’re thinking about doing one of these shoots just take the leap! It will absolutely exceed your expectations! They make it so comfortable and inviting. You won’t be able to shut up about your pictures after! Trust me!

Southern Belles Boudoir | Oklahoma's Exclusive Boudoir Studio
Beauty by: Ashlee Medina| @medinaa.hair
It means so much when our clients allow us to share their images, we truly have the best clients EVER!! Thank you Thank you Thank you!! 

xoxo Ashley + Rachel

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Southern Belles Boudoir | Oklahoma's Exclusive Boudoir Studio

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