Client love

"If you don't incite both accolades and criticism, what you are doing is most likely mediocre and that's the kiss of death."         Dita Von Tesse


I was so nervous stepping outside of my comfort zone and almost cancelled. I am so glad I didn’t. They responded quickly to each question that I had even before I booked with them. They worked around my work schedule to talk to me about my shoot. From the moment I walked in to when I left they made me feel welcomed and comfortable. I loved getting my hair and makeup done. I have never had that done before. I was very nervous to see myself in these pictures. I have never liked myself in pictures. These made me feel beautiful thanks to 2 patient, kind and great people. I am still in awe that I look good and feel sexy in my pictures. I can’t wait to see what my boyfriend thinks of his anniversary present. I don’t normally have a hard time keeping a surprise but since viewing my pictures I have wanted to show him and give them to him early. I want to thank you both for making me feel so beautiful. If you are reading this and not sure about doing a photo shoot like this or if you don’t think your skinny enough or pretty enough your wrong. They bring out the beauty. Do it for you! You won’t be sorry!! Thank you both for the amazing work you did! I can’t wait for y’all to do the pictures with the cars and our pool!

- Ms. B


I have never had so much fun stepping outside of my comfort zone! These ladies take care of everything, and are so easy to work with. They responded very quickly to each question that I had right away. The day of the shoot was so comfortable they tell you to bring whatever you want, so I did. Then they kind of took over, and helped me decided what would look best for my photos! I loved getting my hair and makeup done, and Chelsea is so amazing I truly LOVED my makeup, and hair! Ashely, and Rachel showed me exactly how to pose, and what facial expressions to do during the shoot, and posing was a lot easier than I expected! These are the first professional photos of myself I’ve ever had, and before when I took photos or someone took photos of me I would point out all my imperfections. I was kind of nervous to see the photos once they were taken, but after I saw them I was so so happy with them, and I never had one bad thing to say about them! Thank you ladies so much, I am still obsessing over my image reveal! I was in such shock that I could look that good, and feel sexy in a photo, so thank you so much for giving me a beautiful confident feeling, and a husband who is so happy with them as well! Thank you so much, I’m so appreciative! If you are thinking about doing this just go for it, because it’s one of the most fun days you will have!

- Ms. K

DO IT! This is truly an investment to yourself. My confience was hidden because I have had a version in my head of what I should be but after this experience I feel more love towards myself and know I am sexy now, I don't have to be the imaginary version! This experience helps you get past those insecurities and Southern Belles are truly there for you the whole way from the first call to the reveal. I know I will be back for more shoots in the future. I am very happy that I decided to go out of my concert zone to do this for myself and my fiancé. It has helped my relationship with myself and with confidence in your self your other relationships benefit as well.  

-Ms. M 

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