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"I really enjoyed the fact that it just felt fun and easy going and just another day hanging out with some friends who just happen to be taking pictures of you." 

1. What made you choose Southern Belles Boudoir?

I had been interested in doing a boudoir shoot for a while so I started following Southern Belles on Facebook. I really liked the photos I had seen and how empowered the women seem to feel after their shoot. Once I had the initial over the phone conversation with Ashley and Rachel I was sold. If they could make me feel that confident about my upcoming shoot over the phone then I knew I wouldn’t have any problems come the day of.


2. What were you nervous about coming into your session?

When I was driving there I got a little nervous thinking about how the pictures were going to turn out. I was afraid I wasn’t going to feel my best or know what to do. That feeling quickly went away once I arrived. I thought to myself “I’m already here I’m doing it so I might as well make the best of it.” Ashley and Rachel make you feel so confident the whole time and giving you direction throughout the whole process that it was more fun then overwhelming. 



3. How do you feel now that your session is complete?

The day I went in for my viewing I felt that nervous feeling again wondering how the pictures turned out. Once they started showing me my images immediately felt like a brand new women. I had lost my confidence over the past couple of months and I quickly gained it all right back right then and there. It made me feel good to look at those images and realize that’s me and to really love myself again.


4. What was your 3 favorite things about your Southern Belles Experience?


1. I liked that they offered hair and makeup before the shoot. It felt like a whole day of pampering and getting to just sit down and talk before to make you feel comfortable and loosen up.

2. I also liked that whenever I felt like I wasn’t doing something right or posing right they were both right there directing me and telling me what to do with my whole body even down to my hand movements.

3. I really enjoyed the fact that it just felt fun and easy going and just another day hanging out with some friends who just happen to be taking pictures of you. Nothing felt forced that day and I felt good about myself that whole day even after leaving. Thank you ladies!!



HMUA: Chelsea Neely @chelseaneely.okc

xoxo Ashley + Rachel 

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