Miss. K | Oklahoma City Boudoir Studio

"I have never had so much fun stepping outside of my comfort zone." 

I choose Southern Belles boudoir, because I had searched and gone through a lot of other photographers photos, and I just loved how natural Southern Belles was. The pictures focused on you, and made the women look beautiful just naturally.


I was nervous when doing the shoot, because I’ve honestly never had a photograph taken of me that I haven’t picked apart every piece of myself, and that I have loved. It’s something that drives my husband crazy, because he is always saying I’m “beautiful” however I don’t see that especially in photos. I think the night of the reveal was the night that made me the most nervous for that fact is I was scared that even with these ladies gorgeous work I would still do that.



Now that my session is complete I want to do it again! there really is no way to say it besides I’m still in complete shock.

  I’m in love with them my photos, I feel sexy, and I’m just so glad I stepped outside my comfort zone to do this!




My three favorite things are: 

  • All of the ladies at Southern Belles they took time to answer every question I had, and they were so friendly, and made everything about the whole process so easy.
  • I  liked how I never had to worry about my hair, makeup, or style. I never had to choose what colors I wanted for my makeup, and how to style my hair. I love that they have Chelsea or their stylist there who take care of worrying about all that for you. Then of course Ashley and Rachel who although you bring the outfits they help you choose what would look best, and even encouraged me to try an outfit on I was not so sure about but was so happy I did in the end!
  • The photos 100x the photos. The quality of the photos are amazing! I brought my husband to the day of my reveal to look at my photos best thing I ever did, because I was already in love with them, but to have your husband saying that’s my wife! When it was all over my husband and I were both so in love he has been asking me when I wanted to go back, and go take them again! We love their work, and I couldn’t ever go to anyone else after meeting these amazing ladies!

HMUA: Chelsea Neely @chelseaneely.okc

xoxo Ashley + Rachel 

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