Miss. A | I would never have imagined I would look so amazing!!!

Miss. A's journey is on the blog tonight, hear about her experience with us and her final thoughts after being in front of the camera. 

1. I choose Southern Belles because I love the beautiful work you ladies do. I had been a member of the FB group for a while and continually saw beautiful photography. Second, I read on your site that your session was conducted by an all women crew. That was important to me. 

2.  I was SO nervous before coming to my session. Of course as women, most of us have flaws and insecurities that we certainly do not want on full display, but I knew that you ladies did amazing work.  I wondered as I was driving over to the studio that morning if it was too late to cancel.  I am so thankful I did not!  Of course, I booked with a friend so that I could have some moral support that day, and you ladies were fantastic and able to accommodate both of us on the same day!!  You ladies were amazing from the start, and helped to ease my anxiety. And the mimosas help too!!!!

3.  I feel amazing and empowered after my shoot, no regrets at all!!  You ladies were absolutely amazing to work with!  So comforting and professional.  I have told multiple people about your business, and pretty much think everyone should come do a session.  Also, my husband LOVES my photos, as they were a gift for him.

As for the photos themselves, I think they are the most beautiful pictures of myself anyone has ever taken.  I would never have imagined I would look so amazing!!!  Thank you!!


 My three favorite things about Southern Belles would have to be

   1:  the all female crew. You ladies were all amazing and comforting the entire time. Even Ashlee, our hair and make up lady was fantastic. I think having the all female crew just brings anxiety about the session down. 

   2:  My photos!!!  Like I mentioned above, they are absolutely amazing. I will treasure them forever!!  And I definitely want to have more done in the future.   You ladies are truly experts in what you do!!

   3:  I loved the range of products you have to offer. From digitalis, to leather bound books, to the view master, great products at a reasonable price. 

    4:  Mimosas. I might not have been as bold with out those strong beverages!!


Thank you SO much Miss. A for allowing us to be part of this journey with you and to share your story.. it means more to us than you know! 


HMUA: Ashlee Medina @balayagemedinaaa

xoxo Ashley + Rachel 

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